Otto Bock

In 1905, Otto Bock designed an all-around cartridge for German settlers in Africa. Wanting to get the biggest bang for his buck — and using a standard-length 1898 Mauser as his platform — he developed the 9.3x62.

First loadings pushed a 286-gr. .366-diameter bullet around 2,150 fps. This was later raised to the standard 2,350 fps, nipping on the heels of the great .375 H&H, but made in a peasant-affordable Mauser (my kind of gun).

The 9.3x62 is basically a European .35 Whelen with a shorter neck. The 9.3x62 packs a little more punch than its American cousin but there is more behind the story.

The 9.3x62 has a rich history of use in Africa by farmers protecting crops from marauding buffalo and other large bovines, as well as being a man-stopper for anyone intending harm. Being more peasant than prince, the 9.3x62 was a natural for me. Ballistics aren’t flashy, they just plain work for this metric meat maker.