OTIS Shooting Bundle

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How many new gun owners do you know? How many are actually ready to go to the range? Good personal safety and firearms maintenance habits are best started early. To get new shooters off on the right foot, OTIS combined the essentials in a convenient reasonably priced blister pack. It includes the excellent and versatile OTIS universal pull-through cable cleaning kit (.17 to 12 gauge), a 10-pack of self-adhesive targets (newbies don’t realize they’ll need a stapler yet), an 11″x17″ foam gun cleaning mat (the modern, reusable, table-top friendly substitute for the now rare newspaper), and safety critical ear and eye protection. The compact folding, EarShield passive muffs are OTIS’ own brand. Of decent quality and rated at a respectable 26 decibels of noise reduction, these muffs, like the cleaning kit, won’t be outgrown in the transition from novice to veteran shooter.

MSRP: $99.99

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