I’ve carried my pistols at night and during the pre-daylight morning hours. In the 80s and 90s I had to open up the offices at an outdoor tabloid in part of Seattle where one might arrive to find strangers sleeping in the doorway. There was at least one homicide less than a block away and the night sights had a comforting effect. On one occasion, one of the early morning crew was met in a hallway by a total stranger. That lady locked herself in her office while myself and another guy cleared the building, checking the darkened offices and restrooms. Whoever it was had made a hasty departure, disappearing into the zero-dark-thirty like a world-class sprinter.

Awakened in the dead of night, when the house is dark, one will discover tritium three-dot sights show up remarkably well. You can get a sight picture instantly, and it could save your life.

I like the Trijicon sights on my two Colts and the Springfield because they do not change the pistol profile much, so they fit my existing holsters. They are simple sights, drift adjustable front and rear, and I expect they’ll be working for a very long time to come.