LEE Auto Breech Lock Pro

Simple and fast for both beginner and pro

Lee Auto

Here’s how we start. Pull your handle down, raising the shell-plate. Add your first piece of brass.

I’ve always had a sentimental spot for LEE handloading equipment because it’s how I got my start in the handloading game. LEE loaders caught my eye as a youngster and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Of the approximately 50 calibers I load, 90 percent are loaded with LEE dies on a LEE turret press. I love my other presses for mass-loadings of pet loads but when you need to load 10 of this, 10 of those and 10 of these, the LEE Classic Turret makes it easy — at least until the Auto Breech Lock Pro came along!

Lee Auto

As you lower the shell-plate, your brass will automatically load into the shell-plate for the first station of re-sizing and de-priming.

Auto Breech Lock Pro

The simplicity of this press is its strong point. It has auto index, meaning every time you pull the handle, the shell plate turns your brass to the next station. Before long, you’ll develop a rhythm: pull the handle so the shell-plate is at top position, add a piece of brass, load your primer and lower the shell-plate as you seat your primer. Add your bullet, pull handle, add brass … repeat! It’s really this simple plus it costs about 1/3 of the price of the competition’s comparative press. The simplicity is perfect for beginners or old pros alike and as you get more familiar, you can even add an automatic brass and bullet feeder to really speed up production.

Lee Auto

While first piece of brass is sized/de-primed, add your second piece of brass and prime the primer pocket with the Safety Prime.

Breech Lock Advantage

Using Breech Locks, you only need to adjust your dies once. Replacing a new die set was just made easier. Rather than screwing around turning dies, a simple drop-and-twist locks the new die in, quick and easy. Just reverse the process, for removing.

Lee Auto

Your first piece of brass has now been charged so you add a bullet. Pull handle to seat the bullet, add brass, prime primer pocket and repeat.

Easy Priming

For simplicity’s sake, I added the LEE Safety Prime to speed up loading primers. And, get this, there’s no need to load primer tubes which is a big plus if you ask me. Just unfold the primer tray and place it over your container of 100 primers, flip it over and shake while making sure all primers are upside down. Close the tray and you’re ready to go without ever having to touch the primers.

Lee Auto

This is how it looks with all four stations filled. Every pull of the handle will produce a loaded cartridge now and fall into the tray provided. Pretty slick!

Charging Ahead

Being a longtime LEE user, I have several LEE Auto Disc Powder Measures and added one for my Auto Breech Lock Pro. It simply speeds the reloading process as my brass is both charged and flared in one step. With the addition of the Auto Disk unit and Safety Prime, I can safely say this press produces ammo as fast as the other popular presses on the market, plus, it has auto index, costs about a third as much and there’s no primer tubes.

This modular unit lets you add as many gizmos and gadgets as you want to load your ammo. I like to keep things simple because I handload a lot of different cartridges and now the LEE Safety Prime along with the Auto Disc Powder measure keeps my guns and me happy. I wholeheartedly recommend the LEE Auto Breech Lock Pro for any beginner or experienced case roller who wants to increase production.

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