Harry’s Holsters and DAA Step Up Competition

Products Designed to Win

Competitive shooters are always looking for an edge. In a sport where hundredths of a second could mean the difference between a first-place win and a runner up finish, every step, reload and shot matters. Not only must a shooter trust their firearm to perform, but also their gear.

Familiar names in the market, Harry’s Holsters and Double Alpha Academy have announced new products designed to cut seconds and overcome the competition.

Harry’s Holsters Contender

Designed as a top-of-the-line competition holster, the Contender from Harry’s Holsters is an outside-the-waistband Kydex holster with a low-cut design and flared opening to reduce draw time, accommodate pistol optics and ease reholstering. The USPSA- and IDPA-legal holster features adjustable retention to ensure the perfect fit for a variety of popular competition pistols from Canik, CZ-USA, GLOCK, SIG SAUER and Smith & Wesson. The Contender ships without a belt attachment, but supports common attachments, as well various options from Harry’s Holsters, with multiple hardware holes on its backside. Pricing is $67.87.

For more info: harrysholsters.com

DAA Alpha-XiP Pouches

Well-known for competition gear, Double Alpha Academy is now offering polymer versions of their popular Alpha-Xi aluminum magazine pouches. Injection-molded from a glass-fiber reinforced PA66 material, the pouches provide a durable and affordable option for holstering magazines in competition while utilizing the same adjustable mounting system and internal spacers to support an array of magazines. The Alpha-XiP pouches are available in seven different colors and can be purchased individually or in 3x, 4x and 5x bundles. Pricing is $42.95 per pouch, or $122.41-204.01 for bundles.

For more info: doublealpha.biz/us