Grayman Mega Pounder 9

Stainless brute is big, tough and wholly indefatigable
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Meet the Beast — The Mega Pounder 9 in 440c stainless steel is 15" in overall length
and tips the scales at a healthy 1.5 lbs.

Simply put, Grayman Knives has a reputation for making hard-use knives geared to endure extreme abuse. Many think they are the best mission knives out there and a whole bunch is seeing duty by our troops in the far corners of the world at this very minute. Grayman proudly states on their website, “Grayman knives are not designed for collectors, they are designed to be used.” Since their inception the company has offered 1095 High Carbon steel exclusively on their fixed-blade knives, but now they’ve added a new twist — 440C stainless steel. The Mega Pounder 9 you see here is just such a knife.

The Mega Pounder 9 is the most revered in the Grayman line and its name pretty much sums up why. It’s a beast of mammoth proportions. At 15″ in overall length think of this knife as a modern day Bowie knife with an attitude. The 9″ all-business blade is 2″ wide with a flat V-grind from edge to spine. While 440C is a common stainless steel, the trick to making it perform at peak best is all in the heat-treating — something Grayman does right. Years ago I had a famous custom knifemaker tell me he’d still be using 440C on his knives if his customers weren’t hell bent on the latest, greatest steel du jour. Enough said.

The Mega Pounder 9 has a deep finger choil for choking up on the blade and the handle scales are thick, checkered G10 composite in your choice of green or black. You can also choose between a leather or Kydex sheath. Weight is a healthy 1.5 lbs.


Why You’ll Like It

You’ll like it for the same reason Grayman’s other customers do. You can beat the living hell out of a Grayman knife and it will keep coming back for more. The Mega Pounder 9 in carbon steel saw a lot of duty overseas during the wars in the Middle East and the stainless steel version carries on the tradition proudly. Grayman Knives’ founder Mike still grinds each one by hand and signs the company name on the handle spine, also by hand, the same way he always has. If you like your knife big, tough and indefatigable, the Mega Pounder 9 is your knife. Grayman sells the behemoth for $315.

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