Grayl Nosler Ultrapress
Water Filter

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Why in the world is a bullet maker messing around with water filters? I can’t answer this question — yet — but I got my hands on the Nosler Titanium Ultrapress Water Filter manufactured by Grayl and I’ve gotta say it’s become my hands-down favorite water filter for outdoor activities.

I’ve owned, and used, every conceivable type of filter. All of them have at least one major shortcoming keeping it from becoming the proverbial better mousetrap. In this case, the only off-putting thing is the cost — these are certainly pricey. But, after using mine a short while, I’ll definitely say they’re worth the money if it fits your filtration needs.

If you want the easiest-to-use, most practical water filter for day hiking, hunts and adventures, the Grayl Nosler Ultrapress wins by a long shot. The capacity isn’t ideal for long-term backpacking use, but otherwise the Grayl Nosler unit will perfectly serve most of your outdoor drinking needs.

MSRP: $169.95

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