Elite Tactical Systems Gen 2 Coupled Magazine

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Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) just makes great polymer magazines. I’ve used them for a while and they check all the boxes — great ergonomics, reliable feeding, no-tilt follower, easy disassembly for cleaning and they’re stronger than my old drum teacher’s breath after a 3-martini lunch. In fact, they claim to be “The World’s Toughest Polymer Magazines” and I’ve seen demos to prove it, though I soon plan on using my 6,000-lb. Chevrolet truck to verify it to myself.

However, before I get all “crushy” with one of the test magazines, there is one feature I really like — their Tactical Coupled Magazine.

Shooters have been taping magazines together for decades and a few manufacturers have similar systems. However, the ETS mags give you the robustness of polymer, a secure mating systems and, best of all, a reasonable price. I’d still run some tape to make sure the mags didn’t uncouple but overall, I’m a fan.

MSRP: $15.49

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