CrossBreed Confidant Multi-fit Mag Carrier

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I wasn’t sure about this one until I tried it. After several days of pistol training, I discovered my misgivings were misguided — this thing works.

It’s easy to load and unload, plus it keeps virtually any pistol magazine secure and rattle-free. I had my misgivings about the security of the rubber tensioning bands but they provided perfect pressure for keeping the magazine in place, yet not fighting you when it was time to make your reload.

It won’t handle .22 and some double-stack .45 magazines, or the S&W Shield EZ .380 and 9mm, but otherwise it’ll likely work for whatever you carry. I also see it being perfect as a range loaner since it fits a huge variety of magazines and is simple to operate. The longevity of the rubber bands is a question, but then again, nothing lasts forever, especially polymer mag pouches.

MSRP: $29.95

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