Burris Fastfire C Reflex Sight

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We all want the top-of-the-line sights for our top-of-the-line pistol, but after we finish lying about it to our gun buddies, we go home and start shopping for a more sensible-priced optic. Among the “reasonable” optics, I’ve become a fan of Burris and their newest Fastfire C Reflex sight.

Priced about one third of the upper-echelon pistol optics, mine replaces an earlier Burris model, which died an untimely death — not surprising when you consider I can destroy an anvil using a rubber mallet. With the Fastfire C, I’ve got a worthy replacement that checks all the boxes at a price most can afford. Would I mount it on the pistol I use to assault terrorist hideouts? No, but then again, I only do such things in Internet forums. For the real world, I believe the Burris is a good sight for the money when you’re on a tight budget.

MSRP: $276

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