A Cleaning Kit For The Prince ...
Of Polymer Pistols, That Is

Professional Cleaning Kit For GLOCKS
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The Glock Kit comes in an 8.5" x 4" x 2" soft pack.

While I was at SHOT Show 2024 I stopped by the Otis booth to check out their new products. Jared handed me their new Professional Cleaning Kit for GLOCKS. Finally, a cleaning kit for the Prince of Polymer Pistols.

Otis cleaning kits are well known for their Ripcord and Memory-Flex cable pull-through systems. The Ripcord, a tube of woven material, that includes Nomex over a helix shaped rubber core, is designed to clean the bore with a single pass. The Ripcord rolls up and fits in the pocket so a person can always have the ability to run it through the bore out in the field. The Ripcord has a threaded end so users can pull a brush through. The Glock Kit comes with both nylon and bronze brushes for 9mm, .357, .40, and .45, so there are plenty of choices.

The Glock Kit comes in an 8.5″ x 4″ x 2″ soft pack, that can be strap or MOLLE attached.

I shoot more than just jacketed bullets in my Glocks, and I Ripcord my guns on the range regularly. Yes, I just coined a verb. I put a few drops of lube on the first inch of my Ripcord and run it through. The cord fits into any pocket.


The Otis Professional Cleaning Kit for Glocks comes with specialty tools, and the most useful one is the 8-in-1 pistol T-Tool.

Disassembly Not Required

I’m sure someone will ask, so I will answer this question: The GLOCK’s ejection port and action is generous enough to allow a Ripcord of the appropriate caliber to run down a barrel without disassembly. However, listen carefully: The most regretful range mishaps are also the stupidest ones. Clear the gun. Step away from anything that resembles a cartridge. Check the gun. Have your range partner check the gun. Point it in a safe direction, then run the Ripcord.

The Glock Kit also includes a GI style steel loop rod with a patch slot for conventional pistol cleaning. It looks exactly like the one issued to me when I reported to the armory for my M1911 while working for Uncle Sam decades ago. The end has standard threads, and there is an obstruction remover tip.

Otis includes a Memory-Flex cable pull-through rod. This is a one-piece, coated cable with one end slotted for patches, and a threaded fitting on the other end. I’ll talk about the Pistol T-Tool in just a second, but you should know that there is a slot in it that works as a handle for the Memory-Flex cable.


Otis Patches Work Better

Otis provides conventional square patches in the kit, but the Memory-Flex cable was designed for their proprietary Breech-to-Muzzle 2″ cleaning system patches, which are large and round, with a radial pattern of small cuts. Instead of putting a patch through the slot on a brass tip, one actually inserts the brass tip into one of the slashes in the patch, then slips a folded corner into the slot. This practice causes the patch to fit snugly in the bore. It takes a moment, but using this system puts more cleaning surface onto the bore, and really works well when pulling a lubed patch through.

Not only do the Otis patches work better, I have figured out how to get more than one pass with the clean side of the patch. My routine is to pull a Ripcord the appropriate caliber through with an attached bronze brush, followed by a clean patch. I fold it the other way with the Shooter’s Choice CLP included in the kit. I use the nylon AP brush and Shooter’s Choice for the rest of the gun.

Includes one-of-the-tools-you-didn’t-know-you-needed, and it works.

Includes Specialty Tools

The Otis Professional Cleaning Kit for Glocks comes with specialty tools, and the most useful one is the 8-in-1 pistol T-Tool. It has an oval shaped handle, with a protrusion that accepts common hexagonal tool sockets. On the opposite side of this protrusion on the handle is a metal face that can be used for tapping in pins. The T-tool comes with two screwdriver tips, a pin punch, and a sight seating tool. The tool socket has a magnet which secures the tool tips. More importantly, the sight staking tool also has a magnet in the center. Anyone who has ever staked a GLOCK sight will probably be saying, “why didn’t I think of that?” This game changer actually allows the user to hold the slide horizontally to screw in a new sight.

The kit also comes with a GLOCK magazine disassembly tool, which depresses the floor plate pin, and levers off the floor plate in one motion. It is one-of-the-tools-you-didn’t-know-you-needed, and it works.

There is one bonus piece that comes with this kit. It has a custom GLOCK slide plate. It fits a Gen 3 or 4. I like the design, and the pattern. I just can’t decide which GLOCK deserves it most.

Visit https://otistec.com for more information.

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