5 Myths About Smart Digital Optics


Your thoughts on mounting a smart digital scope to your rifle are not only influenced by where you fall on the technology adoption curve, but also undoubtedly all the rampant myths floating around out there. Let’s dispel a few:

1. The Technology Is Too New

When it comes to the world of firearm optics, smart digital technology isn’t as new as many people think. Industry pioneer ATN Corp. began laying the groundwork for its Smart HD technology when the company was founded over 25 years ago. They were the first to introduce mainstream, affordable thermal optics and then continued to build on that technology.

In 2018, ATN introduced its 4th Generation line of products in both day/night digital systems, as well as a new thermal product line. The new lines boast the Obsidian 4 core with dual processor, offering much-improved image processing capabilities and lightning-fast performance.

Just as with other modern conveniences, like the computer or smartphone you’re reading this article from, ATN’s smart digital and thermal imaging optics are designed to help you be more efficient and proficient.

The X-Sight 4k Pro's ultra-low power consumption combined with ATN’s enhanced HD night vision capabilities
creates more opportunities for users to hunt.

2. Digital Optics Are Unreliable

Traditionalists who are reluctant to use digital optics can have peace of mind thanks to ATN’s industry-leading power management system. The X-Sight 4, the flagship night rifle scope in ATN’s lineup, is the first-ever digital scope with over 18 hours of continuous battery power. The ThOR 4, the company’s flagship thermal scope, is the first to offer over 16 hours of continuous battery power.

For hunters that may still be fearful of running out of power at the most important time, an optional extended life battery pack is available for longer use in the field.

ATN's innovative ThOR 4 Series e is the first thermal imaging rifle scope
to offer over 16 hours of continuous battery power.

3. They’re Too Difficult To Use

There’s a learning curve any time you use a new-to-you technology, and while digital optics are no different, ATN has gone to great lengths to make their smart digital and thermal imaging scopes user-friendly.

Sighting in your scope has never been easier with One Shot Zero. Simply take a shot, adjust your reticle and you are good to go. The dynamic mil-dot reticle adjusts with magnification throughout the entire zoom range. And, thanks to its built-in ballistic calculator, shooters can quickly and easily input environmental variables such as relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, altitude, etc., to increase the level of precision of their shots. Based on the provided information, the computer will adjust the reticle, so your new point of impact will hit the target. Pair it with ATN’s ABL Laser RangeFinder and you’ve got yourself every long-range hunter’s dream.

4. They’re Only For YouTubers and Influencers

The smart technology behind ATN’s digital optics offers a new dynamic, allowing shooters to record from a first-person perspective. While this feature is a favorite among influencers and content creators who want to escape the traditional nine-to-five and pursue their passions, it has benefits beyond sharing on social media.

Not unlike professional athletes who review game tape, ATN’s digital rifle scopes allow you to identify mistakes and learn how to correct them next time to become a better shooter — either instantly from the range or field or downloaded to your computer when you return. For hunters, this means learning the mechanics behind better shot placement and taking more ethical shots.

The ultra-low power consumption combined with ATN’s enhanced HD night vision or thermal detection capabilities also creates more opportunities for users to hunt, further solidifying the value of a digital scope. For instance, while impatiently waiting for the opening day of whitetail season, one can take to the woods — day or night — to hunt species like hog or coyote.

Having the capability to record is also an invaluable tool when it comes to teaching the next generation of shooters. Veteran long-range shooters and seasoned hunters can better coach new shooters on everything from their breathing to reticle placement — the training opportunities are endless.

The X-Sight LTV is the lightest Day/Night Scope from ATN, providing more versatility to mount to crossbows,
air rifles, or other platforms where weight is critical factor.

5. They’re Too Expensive

It’s fair to assume that the latest, most innovative technology comes at a price, but for not much more than the cost of the average traditional rifle scope, one can purchase a feature-packed, entry-level thermal rifle scope. Today, you can purchase an entry-level thermal scope for around $800-$900, whereas a few years ago, it might’ve been $15,000. The X-Sight LTV, the latest addition to ATN’s lineup of HD optic night scopes, starts at $599. As production capabilities have improved and supply chains have become more efficient, digital optics are more affordable than ever.

For more information on the features and benefits of ATN’s smart digital and thermal rifle scopes, visit ATNCorp.com.