We're Back On The Beat!

American COP Returns

For the cop on the beat and the man on the street, there’s the new American COP online.

In 2005, we launched American COP Magazine as a hard-hitting, timely and gun-savvy publication with the goal of providing law enforcement with credible information they could trust. We wanted to address issues cops faced on- and off-duty every day and offer solutions to real-world problems in a “tell it like it is” style — and we did for nearly a decade. While the publication may have ceased production in 2014, the problems facing cops never waned.

Recognizing the extreme pressures facing law enforcement in today’s society, including growing anti-police sentiment, unprecedented aggression and widespread misinformation manufactured by mainstream media, we felt compelled to once again voice our support of the Thin Blue Line and positive law enforcement by relaunching American COP — this time in an online-only format.

Where the cop on the beat meets the man on the street, the new American COP serves as a resource of useful and practical information for both law enforcement professionals and law-abiding citizens. Featuring editorial and video content from names you trust — Denny Hansen, Massad Ayoob, Brent T. Wheat, Roy Huntington and others — covering topics you care about, including gear, guns, training, “Cop Stuff” and more, there’s something for everyone who “Backs the Blue” on AmericanCOP.com.

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