I have recently found I’m not the only one who appreciates Fitz Specials. I have made the acquaintance of retired sheriff Ken Campbell, the CEO of Gunsite Academy and he shared two of his Fitz specials with me as well as these words: “I have an infatuation with the Fitz revolvers and the history around them. Those that blather on and on about being unsafe because of the cut trigger guard need to read history and understand the time they were made, what men wore, etc. The real gunfighters of the time had Fitz-made revolvers.”

Campbell shared with me his engraved Colt Detective Special Fitz by Bobby Tyler. Tyler has built up several Fitz Specials, especially on the Colt Detective Special. My friend Jim Wilson, also a retired sheriff has one as well as friend and fellow Shootist Mark Hargrove, now chairman of the Shootists.

Several years ago I purchased a most interesting little sixgun. It was interesting for several reasons not the least of which it’s a .38 Colt Lightning that actually works but also for the fact it seems to be a very old and high quality Fitz Special. Just this week my friend Milt Morrison/QPR shared two Colt New Service Fitz Specials with me that belong to two of his customers who happen to be brothers. I found out they were commissioned by the brothers’ father, one in .44 Special and the other .45 Colt, and made up more than 20 years ago by a gunsmith in Anchorage, Alaska, the late John Wills. His work was absolutely of the highest quality and if any reader knows anything about this newly discovered gunsmith, I would certainly like to hear from you.