The Man Behind The Reboot

Scott Sullivan is a retired military man and gun enthusiast who did see the useful attributes of the .356 TSW and did something about it. Sullivan convinced Cor-Bon, now under new management, and Underwood to manufacture the ammunition. Robert Hayden, Jr. at Starline agreed to make some strong .356 brass and he credits Randy Lee at Apex for convincing Hornady to produce some, too. He reached out to Claudio Salassa, a master gunsmith and manager at the Briley barrel company who’d had a hand in the .356’s development, along with Paul Liebenberg and Tom Campbell. Scott paid for Claudio to build barrels chambered for the round. The Gen 3 S&W pistols, the most popular original host of the .356, were long gone so Scott ordered the barrels for the most popular platform of today: the GLOCK pistol, specifically the G17 and G19. They come with ISMI recoil springs at 20 and 22 lbs., and Lone Wolf recoil spring guide rods. The kits are geared for Gen3 GLOCKs, with an adapter offered for Gen4; they don’t make it for Gen5 at this time.