The Model 67 round-butt frame features a nice consistent brushed finish, a frame-mounted floating firing pin, a top strap drilled and tapped for a scope mount, and comes with hard rubber finger-groove grips.

Unfortunately, the gun was not without flaws starting with the locking bolt pin being a little loose. The pin didn’t fall out but I noticed it protruding to one side and I could push it back and forth with finger pressure. This means it would probably walk during firing and because of where it’s located, might fall out unnoticed and stop the gun.
Single-action trigger pull measured 4.5 lbs. while the double-action measured 13 lbs. The DA pull was a little stagey but in a new gun wasn’t unexpected — it will smooth out with use. However, there was creep in the SA trigger pull and it was gritty. This might be a first for me as previous S&W SA triggers I’ve experienced have been crisp and precise out of the box.

There has been much discussion on internet forums regarding some S&W revolvers coming from the factory with the barrel or barrel shroud under- or over-rotated. On close inspection there was some misalignment on my gun but it’s really minor — if I hadn’t been looking specifically for barrel alignment, I wouldn’t have seen it.

I emailed S&W with my observations, they sent me a FedEx return label and off it went. It was back in my happy hands in four weeks. The locking pin bolt was replaced and the new one doesn’t budge. The barrel rotation was better aligned. The SA was better but still had a bit of creep in it.