3 Gun Ripcord Trio

For most shooters, one Ripcord for a single caliber will suffice for a quick clean on the range in the field. However, as the name of the game implies, 3-Gun shooters are actively using three guns while competing — a 9mm pistol, a .223/5.56-caliber modern sporting rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun. Rather than forcing 3-Gunners to buy three separate products, Otis has packaged the Ripcord trio together.

Comprised of a three-layer cord, at the core of the Ripcord is a rigid Memory Flex cable that allows for easy feeding into the firearm breech. Molded around it is a helix-shaped rubber wrap to create pressure inside the barrel and ensure a complete 360-degree clean. The outermost layer features a braided Nomex surface to loosen and collect carbon particles. A rigid flame-resistant fiber, it’s no surprise Otis claims the Ripcord can withstand heat up to 700 degrees — perfect for cleaning between stages.

The final piece is a T-shaped handle designed to accept the cord and give the user leverage when pulling the Ripcord through the barrel.