Finding The Right Fit

Women have challenges when it comes to defensive carry, mostly because of our body shapes. We don’t have the straight-line body type men do, so we have to find the option that works best for our body, be it curvy, apple or pear shaped.

Presenting different types of holster and clothing options from Dene Adams, we were given the opportunity to try them all. Dovile Cooper, a 65-year-old attendee, had taken six previous classes at the academy, but never a concealed carry course. A math and science teacher at a private Catholic high school, Dovile was familiar with firearms as she’d been shooting for over 10 years, but she was looking for a better concealment option. An inside the waistband (IWB)/outside the waistband (OWB) system wouldn’t do as she really needed to keep the gun completely hidden, but she found the belly band holster worked best for her body shape and the type of clothing she wears.