Heckler & Koch SP5 Pistol

MP5 Authenticity and Fun

Designed to closely resemble the “look and feel of the legendary MP5 submachine gun,” the new Heckler & Koch SP5 is a civilian semi-automatic 9mm pistol that begs to be taken to the range and turned loose.

And unlike many clones, the SP5 is a true HK firearm through and through. Manufactured at the company’s factory in Oberndorf, Germany, the SP5 is “the most authentic semiautomatic-only version” we’ve seen stateside.

Blowback Throwback

The heart of the SP5 is a roller-delayed blowback operating system, known for its smooth, reliable and accurate function. Originally used in the HK G3 rifle, the design has been thoroughly tested under all kinds of conditions and is still in service today.

Having had the opportunity to fire an MP5 some years ago, I can say without concern Heckler & Koch builds remarkable high-quality firearms, and the SP5 appears to be no different. Retaining many critical components as its sub-gun brother, its 49 individual parts are precision-machined with every attention to detail taken during assembly.

Measuring 17.8″ in overall length, the SP5 Navy barrel measures 8.86″ and is cut with six lands and grooves on a right-hand twist with fluted chamber. The muzzle is fitted with a tri-lug adapter and is threaded 1/2×28 for those wanting to shoot suppressed.

Trigger pull is set between 6.74 and 10.11 lbs., with a paddle-type magazine release positioned just forward. A large ring on the receiver protects the front post sight, paired with a rear sight drum in the back.

Takedown involves removal of a rear cross pin, which allows the removal of the rear cap from the receiver to drop the fire control group inside the grip frame and remove the recoil spring. The bolt is then easily removed for maintenance and cleaning.

Weighing just 5.1 lbs., the SP5 also features a rear sling stud for run-and-gun applications, and magazines will be offered in 30-, 15- and 10-round capacities, barring state restrictions. Regardless of round count, there’s no doubt you’re in for a lot of fun!

5 Reasons To SP5

Announced in December 2019, the new SP5 is already getting rave reviews — and that’s not likely to change.

I can see the HK SP5 being used for home or vehicle defense, emergency survival and a variety of recreational and competition activities.

MSRP is $2,799, which considering the level of HK quality, isn’t bad for a pistol that’s only drawback is it lacking a fun switch.

For more info: www.hk-usa.com, Ph: (706) 568-1906

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