Brownells Magna-Tip® Torque Wrench


Brownells Magna-Tip® Torque Wrench has become my go-to tool for optics mounting and screw tightening. Unlike other wrenches that only provide an approximation, this wrench allows you to torque to the single inch-pound. Twisting the blue ring changes the torque setting. Match it up with the marked 5 and 10 inch-pound increments and fine tune with the numbers on the blue ring. Torquing exactly to odd numbers like 28 inch-pounds or 37 inch-pounds is now possible. The wrench is adjustable from 15 to 70 in-lb in one-inch pound increments. This ability eliminates approximation and prevents under or over-tightening of screws, stripped threads and broken-off screw heads. Once the specified torque is reached you hear an audible “click.”

The sloped handle is easy to grip and comfortable to hold, providing extra leverage for odd angles. Included are six commonly used Magna-Tip bits though the ¼” magnetic hex drive socket accepts all Brownells Magna-Tip® bits. I have a set of Magna-Tips® and the accompanying screwdriver for basic gun maintenance and they’ve quickly become the most-used items in my tool kit. They lock in tightly and do not come out while in use but are easily removed when you desire a different bit. Available from Brownells with a forever guarantee, the wrench set retails for $59.99.