Cut, Slash and Run

One fact that never changes from one year to the next is that the FBI Crime Report invariably reports more murders committed with knives or other cutting instruments than with rifles or shotguns.

In 2019, for example, the FBI UCR says 364 of the 10,258 gun-related murders that year were known to have been committed with rifles of any kind, including semi-autos, lever-actions, bolt-actions and single shot models. An estimated 200 murders were committed with shotguns.

But look at the category covering sharp objects. The FBI says 1,476 people were murdered last year by stabbing or slashing. And there were even slightly more slayings committed with blunt objects (397) and “personal weapons” (hands, fists, feet), which accounted for 597 murder victims.

This raises a question for hardcore gun prohibition lobbying organizations. If rifles of any kind are involved in a fraction of all the murders in any given year, why are anti-gunners so determined to demonize and then ban semi-auto modern sporting rifles such as the AR-15?

What was that? We didn’t hear you.