Full MSR Firepower: Check Out The Mag Coupler


This is the Mag Coupler. It doesn’t look like much until it’s installed.
Afterwards, you might wonder how you ever got along without it.

People who own semi-automatic modern sporting rifles (MSRs) built on the AR or AK platform are always looking for some new accessory to trick out their guns, whether it’s a different sight, laser or flashlight — something to set it apart from the herd.

I’ve always been intrigued by the simple things, because in my experience simple is best and least likely to let you down at the worst moment. Sometime back, I reviewed a little snap-on tab that fits on the dust cover of an AR-type rifle to protect the receiver finish, and now comes another little gadget so simple it makes my subconscious scream, “Why didn’t you think of that?”

Enter the Mag Coupler from RJK Ventures LLC, a little outfit headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif. Trust me on this, the Mag Coupler is a product that literally lives up to its name, because it does exactly what it’s designed to do.

The Mag Coupler changes a standard 10-round magazine with a standard floorplate
to a double 10-rounder by simply coupling two magazines together.

Magazines hooked together with the Mag Coupler will fit into standard 30-round magazine pockets.

The Mag Coupler fits over the bottom of an AR-15 or AR-10 magazine, or one for the AK47, replacing the floorplate and allows two 10-round magazines to be mounted base-to-base. What this does visually is make your stacked magazines look like a single 30-rounder, and these coupled mags actually do fit in the pocket of a tactical vest sized to accommodate the longer, original capacity magazine.

Ryan Klein, head honcho at RJK Ventures, said in a telephone interview the Mag Coupler is “like many inventions that come out of need or desire.” Necessity, as the saying goes, is the mother of invention. In this case, mother gave birth to twins!

Klein said the R&D took a while, because in California, where MSR owners “got stuck with 10-round magazines,” active shooters — especially competitors — needed a break from the frustration. So, Klein began thinking about a way to address the problem without “sticking a finger” in any legislator’s eye.

A modern sporting rifle equipped with two magazines joined together with a Mag Coupler.

The solution is the Mag Coupler. It doesn’t increase the capacity of a 10-round magazine, but it does provide a way to quickly reload, which is important when a time clock is running. One might also consider this something of a godsend in feral hog country where somebody might need to take on several of those destructive critters at a time.

The Mag Coupler is made from a fiberglass-filled polymer composite almost the same material as modern synthetic MSR magazines. It’s “just flexible enough so it doesn’t break, yet super strong,” Klein described.

I watched a video and it’s easily installed in a couple of minutes. It can be removed to allow the coupled magazines to be cleaned inside after a day on the range, especially if you’ve been playing around in the mud. How many people have dropped an AR magazine in the dirt or crud? No, never? Good luck with that!

The Mag Coupler is not a feeding device; it’s just a floorplate replacement. It has a series of small teeth on both sides to hold the Coupler tight to the magazine. Indeed, the fit is so snug you might need to add a drop or two of liquid dish or hand soap to lubricate the surface as an aid in installation.

Mag Couplers come packaged singly or in threes. The MSRP is $9.99, or three for $26.99. Most business is done online, but this accessory is also available at gun shops all over the place.

Images courtesy Ryan Klein, RJK Ventures LLC

For more info, http://www.magcoupler.com
Email: [email protected]

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