CMC Remington 700
Drop-In Triggers

Ultra Precision, Adjustability And Safety

New from CMC Triggers are two adjustable Ultra Precision drop-in triggers for the popular Remington 700 platform, one with a flat bow and the other featuring a more traditional curved bow.

Well-known for their field-proven AR-15/10 triggers, entering into the bolt-action rifle arena is no small development for the Fort Worth, Texas-based company that designed the new drop-ins “with the goal of creating a Remington 700 trigger with the performance characteristics and ergonomics of CMC’s AR triggers.”

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Featuring a self-contained design that includes a pre-installed integrated bolt-release, dropping in the replacement triggers is easy.

Adjusting the trigger is just as easy and can be done while the trigger is installed in the rifle. Adjustability ranges from a very light 8 oz. to 3.5 lbs. for long-range precision, and tactical and hunting use. Each trigger comes from the factory set for a 2.5-lb. letoff and has zero over travel or creep.

Built from 7070 T6 aluminum and S7 tool steel, the CMC Remington 700 Adjustable Ultra Precision Triggers utilize a patent-pending Over Center Dynamic Locking System to improve upon Fire Control Systems safety mechanisms.

Precision Safety

CMC’s safety is “comprised of a single internal precision S7 tool steel investment cast component,” the company explains. It’s manufactured “to a 0.001″ total tolerance using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes” that when engaged, “renders all Fire Control System components immobile.” All CMC Triggers are covered by a lifetime warranty just in case.

Sounds good to me. Over the years, I’ve handled some firearms with — and I’m being polite here — safeties that kind of bothered me. The overwhelming majority of safety devices/mechanisms I’ve used on American-made guns have been completely reliable and I’ve never felt the need to monkey with any of them.

The one time I got a recall notice for any potential firearm safety problem was a couple of years ago from Ruger for my MK IV semi-auto pistol. The problem described in the recall notice didn’t pop up in my handgun when I test-fired it at a local gun range, but I sent the component back to Ruger for a one-week turnaround time. Back it came, and I quickly put the gun back together and retired to the range where I confirmed the replacement worked, and started shooting at empty shotgun shells, small pop cans and other tiny targets.

I’ll say this. Having fired various Remington 700 rifles, I’ve never had a problem with any of them I can recall — the guns are good. But it looks like the CMC Remington 700 Adjustable Ultra Precision Trigger could make them something special.

Both new CMC Remington 700 drop-in triggers retail for $210.

For more info:
Phone: (817) 563-6611