You need a press, loading dies and a couple of good reloading manuals from different companies because you find different recipes for different components. Study up on propellants and projectiles then decide what you want to try. You’ll also need a good powder scale.

By no small coincidence, Hornady recently announced two new electronic models for 2021 — the M2 Digital Bench Scale and the G3-1500.

The M2 Bench Scale has a 1,500-grain capacity, so anybody can weigh precision powder charges time after time. It’s also possible to weigh bullets and empty cartridge cases which I’ve found to be a good idea if one is interested in producing precision ammunition.

Accurate to within 0.10-grain, The M2 has got an LCD display and comes with a 220V adapter, AC adaptor and a metal powder pan.

The other new introduction is the G3-1500, a battery-powered model also capable of weighing up to 1,500 grains. It operates off the power of two AAA batteries and is accurate to within 0.10 grain; it will also work with a powder trickler.