Axeon Second Zero


Occasionally, a smart-aleck will describe how a complicated machine works via “FM,” which stands for Freakin’ Magic. Essentially, it’s a simple way of explaining a complex mechanism or process that operates using technology the explainer doesn’t remotely understand.

So, trust me when I point out the Axeon Second Zero works by wholesale, case-lot amounts of FM.

The Second Zero is a profoundly simple device comprised of an optical prismatic lens fitting over the end of your scope or red dot, allowing you — strangely enough — to establish a second zero on the weapon. For instance, depending on the model, if you are sighted-in at 100 yards, you can engage the Second Zero and now have either a 300- or 500-yard zero on your rifle.

It’s easy — flip up the lens and go shooting; no calculations, dialing, holdover or any other action required on your part. It performs this FM by shifting the image either 4.5 or 11.5 MOA, the necessary amount for a 300- or 500-yard zero for most common hunting cartridges (more accurately, 330 or 530 yards).

The military has been using the Second Zero for a while but Axeon brought the technology to the civilian market earlier this year. You might not be playing 180-grain whack-a-mole with terrorists at 530 meters but it’ll make your next antelope or mule deer hunt much easier.

Perhaps best of all, the civilian models start around 70 bucks on the street. Precision shooters probably won’t be interested but for those of us whose brains get tangled in the heat of the hunt, the Second Zero can make the difference between bragging and bawling.

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