Review of an AR-18...

From the April 1964 issue of GUNS Magazine

“AR’s” go way back. Ever hear about the AR-18? Here’s some coverage of this gun from an article by Jerome Rakusan in the April 1964 issue of GUNS Magazine.


Those of us who thought that the Colt AR-15 raised about as much havoc with the proponents of the Army’s M-14 rifle as possible, haven’t seen anything yet, judging by a release that I’ve just seen.

The background of this “controversy” was covered in “The Truth About The M-14,” March, 1964 GUNS. After the big Colt contract for AR-15 rifles was announced, everybody waited for what promised to be a battle royal. But the M-14 article pointed out that the AR-15 and the M-14 are two different weapons, designed for different purposes, with really very little conflict of employment.

Now comes ArmaLite Inc., the original developers of the AR-15, with their announcement of a new rifle, the AR-18, and this promises the renewal of the controversy, since this rifle is designed to do the same job as the AR-15. Let’s look at this new development, comparing it to its kissin’ cousin-the AR-15.

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