Don't Be a Gun Butcher

Sage Advice from the Sept. 1962 Issue

"Ever see a fine gun in a rack...

…and then discover that every screw head is marred? Ever see a rifle or handgun with scratches and gouges that were the result of some bungled attempt to take the gun apart? More guns are ruined this way than in any other fashion. At least they are ruined as far as original appear­ance and value is concerned. It’s far better never to take a gun apart, even if the gun is used a lot, than to damage it by misuse. But I dare say not many of you will be able to resist taking them apart now and again, for one reason or another, if only because you love to handle them. If so, here are some pointers. The worst offender by far is the simple tool called a screwdriver.”

That’s Bob Wallack’s opening in “Don’t Be a Gun Butcher” from the September 1962 issue of GUNS Magazine.

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