Mostly .22 rimfires have been the ultimate plinking guns, but this shortage has raised ammo prices significantly. The .32-20 might actually be cheaper now. A powder charge of 3.0 grains of Bullseye will net 2,333 loads from a 1-lb. can! Another fine load is 3.5 grains of Titegroup. That makes for 2,000 loads per pound. Most .32-20 bullets run from 100 to 120 grains. That’s 70 to 58 bullets per pound of lead alloy.

There was one problem when I returned to .32-20 reloading. My RCBS and Lyman .32-20 molds had disappeared since last used in the 1990s. Have you tried to buy RCBS or Lyman molds during this time of shortages? None available! However, I did find an outfit called MP Molds that had in stock a brass four-cavity “convertible” mold capable of making 115-grain hollow point or 120-grain solid bullets by changing a few parts. Of all places it was in Slovenia! I prepared for a long wait but it arrived in one week. Talk about service! Closer to home in Utah I found a company named Arsenal Molds. They offered a clone of RCBS’s 98-grain SWC so I ordered a brass four-cavity mold there too. It also arrived in a week. I was set to go.