How To Get One

An original transferable MP5SD is the financial equivalent of a nice new car. I don’t mean some low-end Ford Fungus. A transferable full-auto MP5SD will set you back as much as a decent airplane. There is, however, an alternative.

The MP5SD falls prey to inane American gun control laws. As the sound suppressor is removable and the barrel is less than 16" the gun requires two separate $200 tax stamps. Even if you welded the suppressor to the gun it is still too short. If you want a buttstock, you’re stuck with two stamps.

My gun came from TPM Outfitters in Texas. They do great work and offer a wide array of MP5 variations. While this semi-auto gun was still stupid expensive, it only cost a fraction of what a transferable machine gun might. Fortunately, I also had access to a registered trigger pack, properly modified to the fit gun, for the full auto work.