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Quarantine Pastimes

GUNS Magazine Podcast #22
Apr. 3, 2020

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Bored at home? Us too. While quarantine is necessary to protect ourselves and others, it doesn’t mean we can’t still have a good time.

Setting aside their honey-do lists, Host Brent T. Wheat and GUNS/American Handgunner Publisher Roy Huntington discuss three gun-related activities you can do indoors — no shooting required.

Take this time to dry fire and safely practice your trigger control, clean your guns and learn how they work, or try your hand at making holsters, mag pouches and knife sheaths with Kydex. After all, “gun” is just one letter away from fun!

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More Information
MantisX Training System: www.mantisx.com
Kydex Holster How-To: www.americanhandgunner.com
Knife Sheath How-To: www.americanhandgunner.com

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