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New Product May 2017 Issue

[…] info: (972) 606-8866, 10th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading Hornady The 10th Edition Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading features […]

Essential Tools

[…] though it’s not specifically an AR-15 tool, I use the Hornady LNL OAL Gauge continually for mine. It’s a handloading […]

Lever Action Deluxe

[…] in the 3-inch range. But my handload consisting of the Hornady 158-grain XTP-JHP over 15.5 grains H110 clocked out at […]

The Creedmoor Family Grows

[…] on the Creedmoor case, with several wildcatters building their own. Hornady keeps a pretty close eye on what shooters are […]

Savage’s B22 Magnum G

[…] Winchester Rimfire Magnum—created a splash among shooters on a par with the more recent introduction of Hornady’s .17 HMR in 2002.

A Jump Ahead

The ammo mix included Hornady Vintage Match (a series of loads revitalizing many classic military rifles), a Hunting Shack hunting […]

Fast-Stepping Smallbore

[…] as the .17 Remington was, it wasn’t until 2002 when Hornady, working with CCI, delivered a .17 every rimfire hunter […]

Ruger’s .450 Bushmaster AR

[…] product of a joint effort between the cartridge designers at Hornady and the AR makers at Bushmaster who wanted a […]