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Tried And True

[…] the load I used in the .280 was the 139-grain Hornady Spire Point loaded to a bit over 3,000 fps. […]

Our 6mm Superstar

[…] 1:10 twist .243 isn’t so bad. I especially like the Hornady 87-grain V-Max as a moderately priced, very accurate range […]

Triple Threat

[…] There were also some Black Hills Match loaded with 178-grain Hornady ELD X (Extreme Long Distance). We also used some […]

Pumpin’ Out The Power

Mossberg’s M500 FLEX—Combined Wth Hornady’s “Custom Lite” Sabot Slugs—Is A Black Bear Buster

Small Action, Big Performance

[…] took the Howa to the range for an extended workout. Hornady’s Match 123-grain A-MAX ammo was used exclusively. We started […]

The 6.5 Tsunami

“When Hornady introduced the 6.5 Creedmoor back in 2007, the stars must have lined up perfectly.”

Reloading The .480 Ruger

[…] .475 and .500 Linebaughs. The first .480 factory round from Hornady utilized a 325-grain XTP JHP clocking out at 1,350 […]