.38 Bullets

For the .38 Special my most-used loads are assembled with cast bullets. This includes the Oregon Trail 158 RNFP which feeds ever-so-smoothly through the actions of both rifles, while the Oregon Trail 180 FP works just fine when I want a heavier bullet. Speer offers a relatively soft 158-gr. LSWCHP (Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point) that works well for both sixgun and levergun .38 Special loads.

These are available quite reasonably in a 500-count bulk pack. A longtime favorite .38 bullet is the Lyman #358477, a 158-gr. bullet quite close to the original .357 Magnum bullet design. Powder coated bullets are readily available today and I like the Acme 125- and 158-gr. “Lipstick Bullets.” These are bright red bullets, powder coated instead of lubed. My friend and fellow Shootist, Dick Thompson, is also a dedicated user of PC Bullets and has supplied me with a 158-gr. SWC that also works well in the .38 Special. Jacketed bullets of choice include the Hornady 110 and 125 XTP JHPs that shoot very well and are especially apropos for varmints and small game.