Stay The Course

Janis had such respect for the history associated with the old guns he would not refinish a 1st Generation Colt Single Action or Bisley Model that had not been previously refinished. When it came to the debate of whether or not to re-finish an original Colt, he and I were of like mind — don’t destroy the history of a fine single-action.

Eddie offered two superb action jobs. His basic action was the Saddle Tramp, which offered a lightened hammer spring, 4–6 lb. trigger pull, all internals de-burred and special gunfighter springs installed. His deluxe action job was known as the Gunslinger, which added to all of the above with extra polishing of all internal parts for the glossy, smooth, buttery feel. The trigger pull was set as the owner desired and the custom Gunslinger mainspring, bolt and sear spring as well as the hand-honed action made the Gunslinger Colt almost operate itself. I always liked to hand one of my Colt Single Actions with the Gunslinger action package to a shooter with a standard Colt and watch the expression on his face as he cocked a Janis Colt. One had to experience it to believe it.

In addition to providing custom work and parts service, Eddie also came up with a Spare Parts Kit to keep the Single Action sixgun in fine working order. This Cowboy Survival Kit consisted of a mainspring, sear and bolt spring, Handspring, and most importantly, a screwdriver specially ground to fit the screws on the Colt Single Action perfectly so they could be turned without marring or burring the heads. The screwdriver in its little leather holster resides in the top drawer of my desk, which also serves as a workbench.