Safariland Limited Edition
Multicam Alpine 6000 Series Holsters


Safariland has released a new limited edition holster lineup featuring the Multicam Alpine pattern. The new holsters, available in the 6354RDS, 6304RDS, and 6354RDSO models, are designed to provide protection and performance while operating in areas that receive significant snowfall.

As the seasons change, users want to adapt to the evolving environment. Recognizing this need, Safariland designed the Multicam Alpine camouflage explicitly for snow/wintery surroundings. Effective in wooded terrain, this pattern allows users to have a holster that remains concealed amidst branches and mounds of snow.

Safariland’s Cordura wrapped 6354RDS, 6304RDS, and 6354RDSO holsters feature the Automatic Locking System (ALS) to hold the firearm in place securely. These holsters are also red dot sight compatible, with the 6304RDS model employing the self-locking system (SLS) pivoting hood for added security. The RDSO series utilizes an open pocket design that effectively protects the optic without the need for a flip-up dust cover.

Whether it’s a hunting expedition or a tactical operation, these holsters are designed to meet the demands of any winter environment, ensuring the safety and success of the user.

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