Hornady Mobilis Modular Safes

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Hornady Mobilis Safe (left) and Hornady Mobilis Double Door MAX (right)

The Mobilis Safes are the newest product line from Hornady Security. The modular safes are available in three variations — The Mobilis Safe, Mobilis Safe Double Door, and Mobilis Safe Double Door MAX — that can be transported piece by piece and assembled in any room you choose. The included tool kit provides everything required for assembly.

The safes are constructed of thick 9-gauge 2-ply steel exterior walls with pry-resistant 3/16″ solid steel door with non-breach seal and nine 1-inch steel live locking bolts (depending on model). Each model features a digital lock with mechanical key backup, providing secure and quick access.

The interior of the safe is equipped with a customizable Square-Lok organizational system accommodates different firearms, accessories and valuables, and a built-in 120V power strip.  The 2300°F one-hour Fire Shield protection and heat-activated door seals to protect firearms from fire damage, providing an all-encompassing solution for responsible gun ownership.

With exterior dimensions of 22″W x 59″H x 18″D, the Mobilis Safe is ideal for single-gun owners or those with a modest firearm collection. The Mobilis Safe Double Door is designed for users with a larger collection of firearms (exterior dimensions 34″W x 59″H x 25″D). Catering to the needs of serious gun collectors and enthusiasts, the Mobilis Safe Double Door MAX offers maximum storage capacity with exterior dimensions of 46″W x 71″H x 31″D.

Learn more about the Mobilis Safes series at HornadySecurity.com/Mobilis.

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