Black Hills 300 PRC
ELD-X & ELD Match

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Black Hills Ammunition is now loading 300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) ammunition with the Hornady 212 ELD-X hunting bullet. The 212-grain ELD-X is designed to provide the optimum combination of accuracy and deep penetration, game-stopping performance.

The 300 Winchester Magnum cartridge has a great long-range history, but the newer 300 PRC is an improved design with better performance.

The 300 PRC design has eliminated the unnecessary belt of the 300 WM and increased the body diameter. The result is smoother feeding, increased powder capacity, and a resultant increase of around 150 fps in velocity for improved external and terminal performance.

Velocity for the Black Hills 300 PRC 212 Gr. ELD-X is 2,850 fps with 3824 ft.-lbs. of energy. It has a G1 ballistic coefficient of .663 and a G7 coefficient of .334.


Black Hills Ammunition is also loading 300 PRC ammunition with the Hornady 225-grain ELD Match projectile, yielding a long-range accuracy bullet with an extremely high G1 Ballistic Coefficient of .777. The G7 coefficient is .391. Velocity is 2,800 fps.

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