Yes, They’re Good!

When the Python was introduced in the 1950s, it was intended as Colt’s ultra-premium revolver. It was a gun for shooters who could shoot and for enthusiasts who simply wanted a superbly crafted tool. The Python action was precise and hand-fitted and its famous “Royal Blue” finish was a process Colt entrusted only to their most experienced craftsmen — the beautiful luster is a product of careful manual polishing.

Additionally, Pythons have a deserved reputation for being great shooters. Colt machined the barrels with a slight taper so bullets were further constricted before they left the bore, ensuring optimal accuracy. The full underlug of the Python not only created a superb “hang” on target but resulted in a very pleasant and substantial reduction to felt recoil. The generous teardrop hammer met the thumb perfectly, making single-action shooting an utter delight.

Beyond all that, they just looked cool. Every element of the Python was pleasing to the eye, offering a sublime combination of masculine angles and feminine curves. It looks sexy and dangerous and there is no surprise why it became such a recognizable firearm.