Rock River’s New RRAGE Carbine Looks Likely To Earn Fans


Rock River Arms

Let’s get this up front: the semi-automatic modern sporting rifle (MSR) is easily the most popular rifle platform in the United States today, and one might think the market is saturated, so it might be difficult for some folks to get excited about one more new model.

Fair enough, if you’re talking about just “one more new model.” But the new RRAGE from Rock River Arms probably doesn’t fall into this category. For starters, it wears a proven brand, and it has notable features setting it apart from the rest.

I’ve fired a fair number of MSRs over the years and have found some specimens to be remarkably accurate and nearly all of them to be reliable as advertised. The platform may not get everyone’s juices flowing, but devotees of the MSR design know what they like, what makes the platform work and what features they expect.

I know a few people who own more than one variation of the standard MSR, for different purposes. They are growing in popularity among winter coyote hunters and I know of some guys who use the MSR for prairie dogs. More than a few people own them for home defense.

According to Rock River, the RRAGE carbine boasts a “monolithic-style” flat top upper receiver/handguard without a bunch of features nobody needs. There’s a top rail and MLOK-compatible side and bottom mounting surfaces, so this carbine can be equipped with a scope or electronic sight, laser and tactical flashlight.

The receiver is made with 6061T aluminum, so it’s lightweight and strong. Likewise, the free-float handguard is also crafted from 6061T aluminum and it features a full-length MS1913 rail on top. One thing you won’t find is a forward bolt assist, which never seemed a necessity, although I’ve had some shooting experience with rifles of this design that had them and never had a problem with, or without one.

Rock River Rifle

Rock River Arms

The lower is forged A2, as is the flash suppressor and grip. It’s got a 16″ lightweight chrome moly barrel cut with a 1:9″ rifling twist; perfect for using heavier bullets.

Rock River designed the RRAGE with a low-profile gas block and carbine-length gas system, and single-stage semi-auto trigger group. You will find a standard two-position safety, and the buttstock is an RRA six-position tactical model.

Rock River supplies a traditional 30-round RRA poly magazine, which seems to be fairly popular among many AR shooters.

Naturally, the RRAGE is chambered for the 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington cartridge so this new entry from Rock River should perform in competition or in the field against predators and varmints.

The RRAGE hits the scale at a reported 5.7 lbs., and the overall length with the stock fully extended is 36″. It wears a traditional non-glare finish.
Now here’s what may surprise shooters: The RRAGE carries an MSRP of $759.99 — a rather competitive price.

For more info:
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