Range Time

I was curious about what kind of splits I could get while running the K9. Defensive situations are serious business, and time is always of the essence. Due to the additional length of travel required to fully reset the double-action trigger and the additional time it would add to follow-up shots, it was important to me to get the K9 on the clock.
A good friend of mine — an officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and fellow National Guardsman — joined me for the day and helped set up a 12" by 20" steel silhouette at 10 yards before getting to work. For comparison, we had a typical two-stage, striker-fired pistol on hand. With shot timer in hand, we timed each other shooting strings of five rounds at the steel target. The steel would have to ring five times in order for the run to count.

At this distance, I’m typically a quarter-second-splits type of guy when I feel like I’m on it. This day would prove similar, and my buddy and I shared roughly equal split times between shots. For the K9, we were running 0.30-second splits with its longer trigger reset — and with our two-stage striker fired pistol, only slightly faster at around 0.25 seconds. With a difference of just five-hundredths of a second between shots with the double-action K9 and two-stage striker fired pistol, it’s fair to say the K9 alleviated any concerns about being slow.