Art And Life

Guns are as much a part of modern movies as wildly overpriced popcorn and desiccated antique hot dogs. Additionally, strategic product placement actually sells quite a few firearms. I bought a Beretta 92 soon after seeing "Lethal Weapon" in the theater, and eventually added facsimiles of the Steyr AUG and HK MP5 to my collection at least partially motivated by their performances in "Die Hard." Otherwise inexpensive guns with a reliable movie provenance can bring astronomical sums.

Modern advances in digital graphics allow filmmakers to depict just about anything imaginable on the big screen. However, for those of us who do shooting for real, it’s always cringe-worthy to see the infamous bottomless magazine or the six-shooter inexplicably firing nine times without a reload. While Hollywood blockbusters continue to push the envelope of credulity, rest assured the selfless staff here at GUNS Magazine will tirelessly strive to keep moviemakers honest.

Now, pass the popcorn.