Quad Tube Magazine

What sets the 1216 apart from other fighting shotguns is the revolving magazine. The magazine has four integral magazine tubes each holding four shells. Each tube has its own spring-loaded shell retainer.

To load the magazine into the gun, insert the rear of the magazine into the magwell and push the front of the mag up into the magazine hanger. Rotate the magazine if necessary to make sure it locks in place. To remove the magazine, push in on the front of the release lever located at the front of the magazine hanger.

A manual index lever is located at either side on top of the magazine hanger. To rotate the magazine to the next tube, push up on this lever and either push or pull the magazine with your fingers. The magazine can be rotated either clockwise or counterclockwise.

During this evaluation, several shooters fired the 1216, and reactions were mixed on the easiest way to rotate the magazine. Personally, I found it easier to push up on the magazine with my fingers and turning it counterclockwise as viewed from the rear.