Slugging It Out

We shot Federal Tru-Ball 1-oz. slugs and the best groups at 25 yards were practically “one-holers.” At 50 yards we were still staying centered in a 12″x18″ Dirty Bird Silhouette Splattering Target. And it was no great trick to ring a slightly larger steel silhouette at 90 yards — the holdover is considerably less than you’d think. Would a ghost ring have allowed for more precise results at this yardage? Perhaps, but the XS Express/green fiber-optic front seemed plenty good enough.

We even tried a combo slug/buckshot approach with a couple rounds of Centurion Multi-Defense loads consisting of 6 pellets of No. 1 Buck and one scary .65 caliber lead ball. It’s a 2-3/4″ item, like everything else we used. All of us are well past the age where 3″ magnums hold any appeal whatsoever!

All in all, the Benelli 3-Gun is a fine — albeit specialized — item, although its usefulness extends well beyond the type of competition for which it was envisioned. At $2,499 it’s not inexpensive. What you get with it is a full set of flush-fitting Crio choke tubes (C, IC, M, IM and F), a shim kit, and a sturdy gray hard case.

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