A “Feature”?

The Performance Center magazine has a “first round load assist lever.” Out of the box the lever and follower were very tight and I had some difficulty in loading the magazine. After some time it became easier to use. Unless this lever has something to do with the bolt-hold open, I can’t honestly refer to this as a “feature” because I have never had a problem loading a standard 10/22 mag.

My example had an excellent trigger — crisp and breaking consistently at 3 lbs. as measured by a Lyman Electronic Trigger Gauge with barely noticeable creep.

I took a dozen different .22LR loads with me including those from Aguila, CCI, Federal, Remington and Winchester, including both coated and uncoated bullets. Some semi-auto rimfires can be picky about their diets but the T/CR22 ate everything it was fed without a single hiccup.

I mounted a Redfield 3X9 scope to see what I could expect in accuracy. Firing from prone off a ruck at 25 yards, almost all groups were within 1.5" with a very slight edge going to the Federal 36-grain copper-plated hollowpoint.