Taking down the rifle is simple. After removing the magazine and ensuring the rifle is empty, lock the bolt to the rear. Push a button located in the forend forward, twist the forend approximately 45 degrees to the left and remove the barrel and forend. It takes more time to read this than accomplish the takedown.

Using the standard 10-round rotary magazine, and the Ruger BX-15 and BX-25 (15 and 25 round) magazines, I have put a wide variety of different .22 ammo through the 10/22. Malfunctions have been such a rare occurrence it’s hardly worth mentioning.

The padded carrying case is the same as the standard Ruger case for the Takedown 10/22 except it is more of an Earth-tone brown instead of black and red. With an overall size of 22.5"x 7"x7.5" it carries the Takedown 10/22 in a very compact package.

There are two large pockets on the outside, one with MOLLE webbing and three compartments on the inside to house the receiver, barrel group and a third to carry a scope, bipod, etc. D-rings at the top of the case allow it to be carried over the shoulder or backpack-style with the included strap.