Steve’s Gunz

Enter Steve’s Gunz, a small one-man shop specializing in Rossi lever gun accessories, sights and any other custom improvements you could want for Rossi (and other) lever guns. The coolest thing I got from Steve killed two birds with one stone — their bolt-mounted peep sight that removes the unsightly, unnecessary safety Rossi lever guns now come with.

Removal of the safety was simple and quick, entailing drifting out a pin from the bolt. If you can whack a punch with a hammer without hitting your thumb, you’re qualified to do this. Once the pin is removed, the safety unit pulls out.

Simply plop the Steve’s Gunz Peep Sight into the vacant hole, making sure retaining pin holes align, and drift the pin back into the bolt. Elevation is adjusted by screwing the peep sight in or out to raise/lower your point of impact (POI). Final setting is locked-in with a large nut.

You’ll gain approximately 6" of sight radius when adding this peep sight, translating into better accuracy while getting rid of the unsightly and unnecessary factory safety. Windage adjustments, if needed, are done by drifting the front sight. My groups were cut in half using the peep sight, compared to the buckhorn sight, with 3-shot groups at 50 yards running ½" to ¾".