Mossberg’s JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger For AR rifles



It seems everybody is into the production of semi-automatic modern sporting rifles and accessories, including Ruger, Savage and Mossberg.

The AR platform is the most popular rifle in the United States. I’ve managed to shoot a number of these rifles over the past few years and have found some things to like, and a couple of things that might need improvement, but overall, they’ve measured up.

One thing I’ve found on some rifles from various makers is the triggers don’t always work as well as we’d like. But trust the folks at Mossberg to come up with a solution that doesn’t require a trip to a gunsmith.

Enter the JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger. Mossberg recently released this precision drop-in adjustable trigger. Mossberg worked with champion shooter Jerry Miculek to come up with this unit, which is compatible with standard Mil-Spec AR15 and AR10 rifle receivers with 0.154″ trigger and hammer-pin holes.

Mossberg designed this trigger with user-adjustable overtravel, and the trigger pull may be adjusted in the 3- to 6-lb. range. This makes it ideal for competition, hunting and recreational shooting.

Now, here’s the good news. The JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger is available as an accessory, with an MSRP of $161, and it is also now standard equipment on the latest Mossberg MMR models — the MMR Tactical OR (Optics Ready) and the MMR Tactical Vortex Red/Green Dot Combo, fitted with a Strikefire II optic. Both models are chambered for 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington.

The MMR Tactical series features a free-floating 16″ barrel, removable A2 flash suppressor, forward bolt assist, six-position stock with FLEX System recoil pad and a 13″ slim profile forend.

The MMR Pro model is also available in either 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington or .224 Valkyrie. It also comes with the new match trigger installed. This rifle features an 18″ stainless steel barrel, SilencerCo muzzlebrake with suppressor-ready ASR mount, Magpul MOE+ grip/trigger guard, six-position stock and more.

For more info:
O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc.
Ph: (203) 230-5300