All this rather superficial history is intended to provide background for the recently introduced 457 rimfire series. CZ rimfires have a long and storied history, dating to the Brno Model 1 introduced in 1945, followed by the models 2 through 5. Though seldom seen in the U.S. due to trade sanctions, these Brno .22s were very popular worldwide. They still sell quickly on used gun racks in Australia and New Zealand, even after three generations of steady use.

The Brno Model 2 (1954) was also known as the ZKM 452. When importation of Czech-made firearms resumed the 452 was the basis for the rimfire rifle, first offered on the American market in 1995. After CZ-USA assumed distribution many model variations were introduced, including the very popular American Classic. New cartridges such as .17 HMR and .17 Mach 2 were added. The model 453 was virtually identical to the 452 but with a better trigger including a single-set trigger variation.