Gelatinous Splat

Kinetic energy is a convenient way to measure raw power, but it doesn’t always tell the entire story. The real test of terminal performance is on live game, or more conveniently, penetration and expansion performance in ballistic gelatin blocks.

When my wife was out running errands, I tested out some .25-caliber hollow-point slugs from Hunters Supply down in my under-house garage using an AirForce Airguns Condor SS rifle. This little gem flings those 48-gr. slugs at an average of 888 fps. If you do the math, you’ll find the combo produces 84 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy — somewhere between a .22LR pistol and rifle.

I happened to have a fresh and unused block of synthetic gelatin from Clear Ballistics. It was even labeled “for airgun use” so I figured I was good to go with the nine inches of fresh plastic material. I set up, aimed carefully, and promptly blew right through the nine inches of ballistic gel and smack into a pile of old books I’d set as a fail-safe backstop. Good thing, because my plan was dumb.