Early ‘Modern’

My first PCC was a now-discontinued Marlin Camp-45 using the same magazine as a 1911 pistol. Another model, the Camp-9, used a magazine compatible with the S&W Model 59 series of auto pistols. Both were reliable utilitarian carbines. Production ran from 1985-1999 and some agencies even experimented with using them as patrol carbines.

I bought another PCC around 20 years ago; an MGI Marck-15 old school AR-15 type carbine. Bought while the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban was still in place, its 16" barrel is not threaded for any type of muzzle device. Unlike many other PCCs currently produced, it uses a proprietary 32-round Colt magazine. Like most pistol caliber carbines, it uses a blow-back action.

Many pistol caliber carbines use the same magazine a manufacturer uses for their pistols. This is largely aimed at the law enforcement market as well as private citizens, with the thought magazine compatibility between the two platforms is very important.

In another life I was a member of my department’s SWAT team. Members of the team carried their personal 1911s and were issued an H&K MP5 and later an AR-15. The thought of compatible magazines never crossed our minds.